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November Impact - Updated 12.21.22

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  • We received a grant in the amount of $125,000 from the America Relief Plan Act for the new building project

  • Total number of unique families/customers served

    • 2017 –  990

    • 2018 – 796

    • 2019 – 921

    • 2020 – 959

    • 2021 – 930

    • 2022 – 2144 so far!

  • 11,701 customer visits in 2022, average is 1,063 visits/month

  • 772 new customers in 2022, average of 70/month)

  • MANY Volunteer hours served both at The Bridge and behind the scenes

    • An extra amazing highlight this month is the meat packaging crew on Wednesday mornings. John Wood has been leading the packaging team since we opened, but he was out sick. The volunteers on this team rallied together and demonstrated leadership to keep the Bridge supplied with meat for our customers in John's absence. This team is seeking a couple more volunteers to serve on Wednesday mornings from 8:00-10:30 - training will be provided. 

  • Stories from Marsha:

    • A young family with a 2-year-old and a 6-day old baby came to shop. This young Mom said she just needed to get out of the house for some fresh air and The Bridge was their first venture out together as a family. Of course, the volunteers provided all the encouragement and love that we possibly could!

    • The Early Care & Education families generously donated enough food and money to provide 8 families at The Bridge with a Thanksgiving dinner. The Bridge volunteers know our customers well and created a list of families we know could use that extra big meal. All were received with hugs, smiles and even a couple tears of joy! A great demonstration of teamwork in this community!

    • Cancer Services purchases gift cards for their clients that can use some assistance during their journey. The other day Michael and his wife came in for the first time and we got him registered. I noticed the gift cards he showed me were from Cancer Services and after visiting for a couple minutes I said "I'm so glad you are here at The Bridge, but I'm sorry it took cancer to get you here. May I say a prayer with you?" He hesitated and quietly shook his head. His wife said he was kind of shy about that stuff. I reassured him that it was no problem, and I would still pray. As I walked out from behind the front desk, Michael came over and gave me a big hug! I believe that Michael met Jesus at The Bridge that day and I pray that we will be able to walk alongside him in his journey and he continues to feel the love of Jesus even if he isn't sure about the whole thing.

  • We had 39 new customers in November.

  • The truck averaged over 6 stops/business day. Well over 100 individuals/families in our community received a visit by a Pivot Point team member.

  • Each stop for pickup or delivery is specifically addressed in prayer.

  • 7 appliances were sold to Home to Stay clients through their voucher program. (Home To Stay screens for specific needs and utilizes funding through United Way and other resources to pay for the appliance and delivery). 

  • We worked with Messiah staff (Dennis) to help a family in need to remove heavy furniture from their basement. Husband has Parkinson’s and early Alzheimer’s; wife has struggled with cancer on and off.  Although not normal for Pivot Point, we were able to dedicate an afternoon to respond differently to a need in our community.

  • We had so much fun wrapping up Fall fun in November. Our kids have hit so many milestones in 3 short months.

  • Our infant room has a volunteer from BCHS who has been learning about what it takes to be a lead teacher, and planning and participating in fun activities with the babies.

  • Our families and staff rallied together the week before Thanksgiving to collect enough food and cash donations to provide 8 complete Thanksgiving meals to families in need in our community. Each meal included: Mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, stuffing, green bean casserole ingredients, fruit, yams, a dessert, cranberry sauce, and a $25 Kroger gift card to purchase a Turkey and other trimmings!

  • We also hired two new staff members who are jumping in headfirst and are already moving mountains to meet the unique needs of our kiddos this year.

  • We had a lot to be thankful for in November! 

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  • We were blessed to receive 3 donated vehicles this month!

  • We served 59 customers & 82 clients this month (14 of them were new 1st time visitors!) These customers/clients received approximately $28,692 in savings by using our garage compared to our competitors because of our parts & labor discounts.

  • We hired 2 certified mechanics this month bringing us to 5 mechanics; one for each bay!

  • Countertops will be installed in December!

  • Interviews for staff are well on the way and hiring is taking place.

  • Still looking for one non-student member to join our team!

  • Tables are being constructed and new seating should be in place very soon.

  • Cost analysis is in the works with several vendors for purchasing supplies.

  • Health inspector approved our plans and will be back onsite once everything is installed.

  • Meeting set up with several local business groups to partner with us and/or provide feedback on menu & activity ideas.

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