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Welcome to Kids Creek where we engage kids, equip volunteers, and partner with parents! Here’s what to expect on a Sunday morning 9:30-10:30am!

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Camp Messiah is getting ready to dive into friendship with God. Camp will be filled with awesome Bible-learning experiences for kids to see, hear, and touch! Hands-on science experiments, team-building games, unforgettable songs, and tasty treats are just a few of the standout activities that help friendship with God flow into real life.

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Sunday morning 9:30-10:30am

located at the back of the church





We are passionate about engaging kids in genuine fun and intentional play as we open their own Bible and read God’s word, dance and worship, learn how to pray, develop relationships during small group, and participate in interactive stories from the Bible!

Baby Room


0 - 4 years old

Classroom with utensils

K - 1st

5 - 6 years old

Kid Playing Outdoor

2nd - 3rd

7 - 8 years old

Ready for School

4th - 5th

9 - 10 years old


 9:30a Check In  

Check in at our Computer and receive a name tag for your kid(s) and a barcode to keep for check out!

9:30-9:55a Small Group

Your kid will engage in their age appropriate classroom in a small group with background checked, phenomenal volunteers!

9:55-10:15: Large Group

Through high energy worship songs and interactive Bible stories, your kid will hear God’s truth from His Word and take away a bottom line that is relevant to them today!

10:15-10:30: Small Group

After Large Group, we head back to small groups to recap the Bible story and dig deeper into the bottom line!

10:30: Check Out

Parents please stand at your kid’s classroom door with your barcode as leader’s scan your barcode *from check in* and don’t forget to grab a GodTime Card, a take home devotional for you to do with your kid and bring back!

Ever wonder what your kid is learning on Sunday mornings? Or have you ever felt the weight of where to even start engaging your kids spiritually throughout the week? We know that you, as a parent, spend the most time with your kids and have the greatest influence so we love partnering with you to continue the spiritual development of your kid!


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Each Sunday, your kid will take home an age appropriate GodTime Card, daily devotional/reading, that reinforces the theme and story that was just talked about. You can work through these devotionals with your kid or encourage them to spend time with God!

Using a Touch Phone




Using a Touch Phone_edited.jpg

Parent Cue syncs to the content we just talked about on Sunday morning and adjusts to your child’s development to prompt you with the memory verse, story, what to say or do at meal time, car time, and bed time. You only have 652 weeks left once your kid is in Kindergarten before they graduate, make each moment count!

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