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Connect Sunday | June 11 | 10:45am-11:15am | Messiah Church 

Come early or stay late, the Faith Family will be enjoying a special time to connect between services. This is normally done in tangent with a special treat or theme so stay tuned for details to come! 

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Alpha Summer Course | June 14 | 6:30pm | Journeys 

Imagine there was a Christian course that you could invite a non-Christian friend to. Now imagine you knew your friend would be truly welcomed - their thoughts and questions would be heard, and they would learn about Christianity in a compelling way. Now add this: this class is also a space where your faith would be built up and where you would hear afresh what it really means to follow Jesus. That course is Alpha.


Try it this summer starting June 14 at 6:30 with one course for teens and another for adults.

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Calling all Campers & Volunteer Camp Counselors! 

Camp Messiah is getting Ready and Set to Move this year June 26th-30th from 9am until Noon through stories, unique activity groups, games, snacks, and more!

Sign up your K-5th grader for a unique activity group they would enjoy throughout Camp Messiah where they will have intentional leaders connecting with them and friends to interact with during group time!

Choose your top three choices fast before a group fills up! 

Registration Closes: Thursday, June 22nd at Noon.

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